Welcome to Kilby Genealogy


This site is a single surname site containing genealogies of Kilby families. Although we have several Kilby family histories, research discoveries to date have not revealed a common progenitor. Therefore, they are displayed as separate descendant lines, which we refer to as trees, since there is no evidence that they have anything in common except that they all bear the common surname Kilby.


The information we display serves as a springboard to research and to foster collaboration. It should never be used as a short cut for research or to replace your due diligence.


The information displayed for the various trees is less complete in some than others. This not intentional by conscious design, but rather the result of the tediousness of maintaining and gathering the data or that research is not yet complete.

Several of our trees are the result of a research scouring records in a effort to build their tree, only to find out that they have gathered information on a tree they are not related to, but shared what they had learned.

Many of our trees are the result of years, and some cases decades of research and collaboration. There are most likely gaps, omissions, conclusions, and transcription errors. If you do see something that you believe is wrong, feel free to offer us a specific explanation along with the source of the correct information.