How this site was built

This site is composed of two distinct area that operate separately, but have been made to play nice with each other.

The first area is what you are viewing now; WordPress. You know the program that drives 35% of the website in the world. We will be using this part of the site to produce and store our articles, tutorials, and whatever that is not directly related to a specific individual or group of individuals in our database.

Our second area employs “The Next Generation in Genealogy Site Building.” I know, long name for a software package; so of course we’ve nick named it TNG.

I’m not going to sing the praises of either one of these programs since I’ve linked you to them. I’ll leave that up to them.

What we’ve accomplished here is to make it all look like it is just one program or site and made them, as I said above, play nice. The share a common look and use each other’s data and functions to give you a pretty good experience. Most people will call this an integration, but I’ll just call it a co-mingling. If you are interested in the method we’ve used check out Cess Kloosterman’s Method.