Get Involved

It has been said that the only error free genealogical research consists of a tree with only one person: the researcher. We have literally thousands of persons documented in our database, spanning nine separate Kilby family trees, that were compiled by multiple researchers. That is a recipe for errors and omissions, which we acknowledge.

To help us become the “Go To” resource when it comes to Kilby Research, it is important to be as accurate and detailed as possible. That is where you can get involved. By giving us some information about who you are and how you fit into the research, it will help us to know who to go to when we are not sure about some research or how to qualify your recommendations on corrections and updates to our data.

So what will we do with this information? Let me begin with what we won’t do with it first. We will never reveal it publicly on any site. We will never sell it. We will never¬†share it with any entity or for any purpose other than connecting Kilby researchers.

Kilby Researcher

Take a minute to tell us who you are and what you are researching.