Searching on this site

Searching for People

Simple Search

The simple search of just a last name and first name can be submitted though the form found in the left hand column of all the non-genealogical information pages. Note that it asks for Last name then First name. This is by design. Most of our visitors will know nothing or little about what we have to present. Often they will be looking for a specific last name first, then just hit the submit button. It saves them from having to hit the tab on their keyboard.

Tip: If your looking for either a last or first name and aren’t sure how it might be spelled, especially like a first name and middle, you can just enter part of it, and it will return all individuals that match the part you entered. You’ll have to go back to the home page by clicking on the Kilby Genealogy at the top of the page after each experiment. Try this experiment: Type the last name Kilby and the first name as John A. now try Kilby and Alfred. What it does is take the letters you entered and searches for that exact sequence including spaces appearing anywhere in a name. We’ll try one more test by entering a truncated last name. Enter last name k and first name a. This time it returns 34 pages of results containing everyone that has a k anywhere in their last name and an a anywhere in their first name.

Tip: The search is case insensitive. This means there is no need to capitalize your query.

Advanced Search

Advanced search uses a different form that contains more things to search for. It works just like the simple search except that there a lot of things we can search for to help you find who you are looking for. This form is accessed by clicking the search in the blue tool bar near the top of the page whenever you are view genealogical data, through the search drop down on the main site menu, and is presented to you whenever you did a simple search that had no matches.

Tree is a drop down that allows you to select a tree to limit the search within. You would use this when you know which of our descendant trees the person you are looking for should be in.

First and Last names functions exactly like they do on the simple search form except that the names are first then last. You should notice that there is a drop-down select that says contains. I won’t go into describing exactly how they modify what we are searching for because it should be obvious. The last item in the choices is soundex. You can google what soundex is, but I will state that it works by search for various spellings that sound the same. Play with it. You can’t break anything with the search.

Other Events gives you even more things to search for. Click the link and you will see them.

Join with. Down near the bottom of the advanced search for you will see Join With and about the center on that line is another drop select. You can choose AND or OR. AND says I only what results where everything I entered matches; whereas OR returns results if there is a match with anything you entered.

Results per page should explain itself.

Check boxes. There are two check boxes that you can use to added additional information to the search results. It has no effect on what is search for.

Searching for Families

Family search works just like the Person search in every way, except instead of returning information on individuals, it returns information on families. One other thing is that the Other Events on the family search form has no choices. This is simply because we have not defined any events or things to search for that relates to families other than the main choices.

Searching This Site

This is Google Search that only looks for results that are contained on this site. The effectiveness of this search is determined by how closely Google has indexed our site.

Search Results

There is nothing special about search results. That said, search results will never return records of “living” or “private” persons.

Tip: You can mouse over the links for each person returned by your search to see additional information.